EngageMedia Online Video Workshop

Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA) dan Combine Resource Institution (CRI) mengundang para pegiat video, pekerja seni, dan aktivis sosial yang bekerja dengan medium audio visual untuk mengikuti workshop terbatas tentang distribusi video online. Materi akan diberikan oleh teman-teman dari EngageMedia, Australia. Workshop terbatas ini tidak dipungut biaya.

Konfirmasi keikutsertaan, hubungi saya di alamat/telepon CRI.


Elanto Wijoyono
Combine Resource Institution
Jl. Ngadisuryan 26 Kraton, Yogyakarta 55133
Telp./Faks.: 0274 – 418 929
HP: 0815 7865 8586
e-mail: joyo@combine.or.id

Berikut keterangan dan rundown pelaksanaan:

EngageMedia is a media collective based in Melbourne. We operate the EngageMedia.org website distributing independent video about social-justice and environmental issues in Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific. We also produce the free open source software Plumi video content management system based on Plone, which enables any group to freely create their own video-sharing website. Please visit these websites for more information on our projects:



In exchange we would like local groups to share with us their skills and experiences concerning video activism, video communities and video distribution in Indonesia. We can also offer to help gather content from local groups who wish to distribute their work online, and contribute to the EngageMedia.org online archive.

We can offer training and presentations only in English, though all other discussions can happen in Bahasa Indonesia. Andy Nicholson and myself are studying Bahasa and will use it where possible, but we request that local groups can provide one person to help with translation where needed to ensure adequate communication.

Asialink Workshop

Each workshop day would consist of:

* Presentation of EngageMedia and online video
* Feedback from Participant Groups on EngageMedia
* Discussions: Online Video in Indonesia
* Practical Online Video Workshop: how to publish and watch online video using free and open source software
* Transmission Asia-Pacific: report back on outcomes of the meeting in Sukabumi

There would also be space in the afternoon to offer one of these sessions, depending on what participants wanted:

* Free and Open Source Software for Video Makers (Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, NGO-in-a-box, Open Office, Firefox, Simple Theora Encoder, ffmpegX, Burn, Handbrake, Transmission BT, GIMP, Audacity, Miro, VLC)
* Free and Open Source Online Video Management Systems (Plumi – Plone, Show In A Box – WordPress, FilmForge – Drupal, MetavidWiki – MediaWiki)

Or participants may prefer to organise other skill-sharing workshops or discussions during this time in the afternoon instead. We are very open to ideas that participants may have, and wish to respond to local needs and interests for training, skill-sharing and discussions. We can also be flexible and run this workshop over half a day, or over two days if this is preferable.

Workshop Details

Dates: Friday 6th of June, 2008

Duration: 1 day workshop, 9am – 5pm

Number of Attendees: 10 – 15

Requirements: laptop for each participant and video materials (setiap peserta harap menyiapkannya sendiri)

Place: Ruang MES56 (Nagan Lor 17, Kraton, Yogyakarta)

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